Page 008/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

More swoops and swirls for Page 008/100. I had just barely recovered from a viral infection when I did this art journal page. As you can imagine, I was not in my best disposition at that time. I still pushed myself to make something, not out of obligation, but just to cheer myself up. Painting subjects that… Continue reading Page 008/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Page 002/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Here is Page 002/100 of my ‪#‎100PagesOfPaintPlay‬ project. I had a different vision at the start and actually worked with only watercolors and a drawing pen. Unfortunately, the vision wouldn’t materialize so I changed course and played some more with acrylics, gel pens, oil pastels, and artist crayons. I also used my fingers to blend… Continue reading Page 002/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Art Journal: Space and Beyond

Lately my daughters have taken so much interest in space. It’s a good thing that their Daddy knows much about astronomy; they are able to get most of their ‘space questions’ answered. Plus, they are able to regularly watch this cartoon series called “Miles from Tomorrowland” on cable TV. We’ve got a few books about… Continue reading Art Journal: Space and Beyond

Art Journal: But First? Coffee!

Sometime in the middle of 2015 I began working on a small series of paintings related to kitchen things. I was inspired by this Japanese embroidery magazine that I bought from National Bookstore many moons ago. I had first thought of using the pages of embroidery patterns for collage. But then I found some really… Continue reading Art Journal: But First? Coffee!