Page 009/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Found a marker that I bought last year but never really got to use after I discovered that I’m allergic to its fume. Not likely to buy this brand anymore – unless they issue less offensive stuff. I just thought to use this marker today since I’ve been suffering from a clogged nose (no strong fumes… Continue reading Page 009/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Page 008/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

More swoops and swirls for Page 008/100. I had just barely recovered from a viral infection when I did this art journal page. As you can imagine, I was not in my best disposition at that time. I still pushed myself to make something, not out of obligation, but just to cheer myself up. Painting subjects that… Continue reading Page 008/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Page 007/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

This one’s a personal favorite. It’s supposed to be just a painting experiment. I’ve always wanted to make a nice watercolor collage. Yet somehow my previous attempts never satisfied me. I took a few points from Gina Lee Kim and then I seem to have finally gotten things right. I would like to make more collages… Continue reading Page 007/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Page 006/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

I kept thinking about lemon and lime drops while I was doing this one, hence the yellow green shapes. When I was little my dad would occasionally bring home citrus drops placed in a glass that’s shaped like a chicken. Fond memories! This is Page 006/100 of my #100PagesOfPaintPlay‬ project: