Page 008/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

More swoops and swirls for Page 008/100. I had just barely recovered from a viral infection when I did this art journal page. As you can imagine, I was not in my best disposition at that time. I still pushed myself to make something, not out of obligation, but just to cheer myself up. Painting subjects that… Continue reading Page 008/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Korean Watercolors and Gouache Hybrid

First time to use Korean watercolors on a commissioned piece. The lilac mix is ShinHan PASS (a watercolor + gouache hybrid) and the leaf green (quite similar to green gold) is ShinHan professional artist watercolor. Have yet to get used to the hybrid but definitely loving the artist watercolors. I’ve also added two types of… Continue reading Korean Watercolors and Gouache Hybrid