Colors That Heal

I didn’t get to update this blog the entire month of August because everyone in my family got very sick, myself included. I don’t know with other households and individuals, but in our case, August seems to exist as the ‘ghost’ month. Illnesses usually befall us during this time. Whenever July comes to a close, I begin to feel that dread. And I try my best to load my kids with healthy foods and vitamins so they would get enough protection from viruses. Unfortunately, the ‘ghosts’ of August 2016 have been very unkind to us. And we found ourselves in dire need of TLC.

Anyway, the worst is over and we’re all generally in good condition these days. When September finally stepped in, I opened my journals and grabbed my paints. I smudged and splattered colors that would cheer me up. I needed another form of healing, and I thought perhaps some paint play might help. And it did in some way.


This first paint play is a good mix of pink opera, light blue, and pastel green acrylics. I really felt good after doing this. I initially planned making doodles on the page, but I found myself uninspired. I just stared at the colors for a long time and smiled.


I then shifted to warm colors. I was ready to doodle. I grabbed my fineliners and paint pens and made some shapes. The hearts are done with a clear stamp. The orange background is one that I did several months back using acrylics and pigment sticks.


This last one is done on a small sheet of watercolor paper. Pink is back on a lighter hue and of course the greens and blues here and there. I’m actually keen on having this framed, and also thinking of pairing with another small painting with a similar style.

Color play or color therapy helps me deal with my emotional and thought processes. I may use it for a specific purpose or for sheer enjoyment. There are no hard rules or techniques to follow. At the end of the day, it’s about knowing what colors may deal with your mood or disposition and how you can use them to improve your condition.


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