Page 007/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

This one’s a personal favorite. It’s supposed to be just a painting experiment. I’ve always wanted to make a nice watercolor collage. Yet somehow my previous attempts never satisfied me. I took a few points from Gina Lee Kim and then I seem to have finally gotten things right. I would like to make more collages… Continue reading Page 007/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Page 006/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

I kept thinking about lemon and lime drops while I was doing this one, hence the yellow green shapes. When I was little my dad would occasionally bring home citrus drops placed in a glass that’s shaped like a chicken. Fond memories! This is Page 006/100 of my #100PagesOfPaintPlay‬ project:  

Page 004/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

I’m ever in the thick of things, running errands here and there. But I’m thankful that I’m still able to wedge in some time to play in my journal. During weekdays I allot at least 15 minutes for art-making. My kids know and understand that Mommy’s got to have that precious time at her art desk.… Continue reading Page 004/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Page 003/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Here is Page 003/100 of my ‪#‎100pagesofpaintplay‬ project. I was thinking die-cuts and stickers when I made these whimsical botanicals. Also: I was keen on using again the paints in my watercolor palette just because I haven’t used them for a very long time. They’re a good mix of Louvre, Cotman, and Shin Han watercolors.… Continue reading Page 003/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Page 002/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

Here is Page 002/100 of my ‪#‎100PagesOfPaintPlay‬ project. I had a different vision at the start and actually worked with only watercolors and a drawing pen. Unfortunately, the vision wouldn’t materialize so I changed course and played some more with acrylics, gel pens, oil pastels, and artist crayons. I also used my fingers to blend… Continue reading Page 002/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay