Page 004/100 – #100PagesOfPaintPlay

I’m ever in the thick of things, running errands here and there. But I’m thankful that I’m still able to wedge in some time to play in my journal. During weekdays I allot at least 15 minutes for art-making. My kids know and understand that Mommy’s got to have that precious time at her art desk.

Here is Page 004/100 of my ‪#100PagesOfPaintPlay project. Just did a simple negative painting of a mama tree and a baby tree. Also thought to work outside the comforts of my art studio. The porch had me on good weather. 🙂


I used only 3 colors for this paint play: cobalt blue, rose madder, and purple lake. I wanted to do a bit of rubber stamping, but I couldn’t find my stash of stamps at that time so I ditched the idea. Nevertheless, this one turned out okay, plain and simple.


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