Life Sketching in Watercolor

I’ve always wanted to have a journal that would contain life sketches in watercolor. I may have done a random few in my old sketchbooks, but never before have I kept one that’s strictly for documenting moments and mementos from my daily life. After some gentle prodding from my muse, I finally decided to begin the project and try my best to come up with sketches at least once or twice a month. Here’s a page that I did a few months back:


As you can see, this one’s from June. I didn’t really plan the items to paint. I just picked out a few interesting stuff on my art table and sketched away. (Yes, the juice drink and the peanut butter cups were indeed on my table!!)

Supplies: Monologue A5 Soft Cover sketchbook, Sakura Koi watercolors, Uniball gel pen, Uni Kuru Toga 0.5 mechanical pencil, Niji Yasutomo water brush (medium), archival ink pad (Ranger), alphabet stamps


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