Art Journal: Space and Beyond

Lately my daughters have taken so much interest in space. It’s a good thing that their Daddy knows much about astronomy; they are able to get most of their ‘space questions’ answered. Plus, they are able to regularly watch this cartoon series called “Miles from Tomorrowland” on cable TV. We’ve got a few books about planets and constellations as well. In time, we will have to take them to the Planetarium and a science museum.

I don’t know a lot of details about constellations and other heavenly bodies. But I do have this interest in time and space theories and studies, thanks to David Bodanis’ book. And when my time can afford it, I do take that moment to look up, check the skies, and wonder what’s out there. What’s beyond the space that we humans have known. That’s what I had in mind when I made this art journal page:

orange meteors

I will have to admit that the jingle for “Miles from Tomorrowland” was also playing in my head while I was drawing and painting these orange space meteors. And, oh gee, that flicking of white poster point was jolly fun!

Supplies: Yuchen sketchbook, acrylic paints (Pebeo Studio), white poster paint (Dong-A), white gel crayon (Lyra)


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