Art Journal: But First? Coffee!

Sometime in the middle of 2015 I began working on a small series of paintings related to kitchen things. I was inspired by this Japanese embroidery magazine that I bought from National Bookstore many moons ago. I had first thought of using the pages of embroidery patterns for collage. But then I found some really great ideas there, so now the magazine is part inspirational and part collage material.  And to think that I got that magazine for only Php 25. (Yes, for a song!)

Anyway, here’s one of those acrylic studies that I did in my Yuchen sketchbook:

but first coffee

I’ve taken a liking for the painterly and dreamy style when it comes to acrylics. And, as usual, I try my best to limit my palette when focusing on a single subject. I’ve been on this discipline for over 2 years already, thanks to the wonderful painting books that I learned from. Though of course I still do a lot of color play in my other journal pages and canvas work. There’s no hard rule, really.

For this art journal page, I used regular gloss acrylic paints (Sakura, Amsterdam) and acrylic gouache (Turner Japanesque). I also did some stamping and used a watercolor pencil to line the cup and the flower. I tried to ‘unite’ it all by using pink and warm gray for the background. Then I dabbed a little distress ink (Ranger walnut stain distress ink) on the edges. I love how dreamy and painterly it turned out. It’s always an accomplishment for me every time I see my actual vision rendered on paper or canvas.


5 thoughts on “Art Journal: But First? Coffee!

  1. I love the rather vague cloudy type effect, it reminds me of my mind as i stumble to my own coffee pot and first cup in the morning! Great job and thanks for sharing with us!


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